About us

Hallgruppen was established in 2015, and has become one of Europe’s largest turnkey contractors for temporary and permanent structures, tents, and buildings. With the Group’s head office in Oslo, Norway.

In a short time we’ve established ourselves with 19 offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland and over 190 employees. We have delivered our products to over 80 countries on all continents.

Hallgruppen develops and delivers permanent and temporary tents, structures and buildings. We offer flexible and innovative solutions to public and private companies, as well as organisations. Hallgruppen provides companies with flexibility, security and the right products to solve short-term or permanent needs. In addition to structures, tents and buildings, Hallgruppen supplies of tarpaulins, furniture and accessories.

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With our own engineering department, we have all the expertise to develop and deliver products adapted to customer needs and budget. This is whether it is a standard or customized solution.

Nothing is impossible

Hallgruppen is different from other suppliers. At Hallgruppen you will find extremely energetic, innovative and knowledgeable people engaged in our products, industry and customers. We love what we do! Hallgruppen sees solutions where others see challenges. We are known for being a forward-looking supplier with quick turn-around.

We make decisions quickly, which means processes are fast. In addition, we work continuously to have adequate inventory capacity and products in stock.

Respect, Community & Honesty

Without explicitly listing them, Hallgruppen holds three core values. They communicate what we are as people and suppliers.

  • RESPECT for each other, our customers and our products. A core value of our organization is embracing differences.
  • COMMUNITY – Fostering a collective mindset where we see solutions not challenges, with a common purpose to achieve high performance levels in an environment where collaboration thrives.
  • HONESTY – We take pride in our responsibility to our customers and stakeholders. By consistently delivering on our promises, we foster trust, respect, and dependability.

Health, Safety & Environment

Our “every day” mantra is that everyone working with us should go home at the end of every day free from stress or injury. We are uncompromising in our commitment to health, the environment, and safety. Whenever we plan and carry out our work, we must ensure that no damage is caused to people, machinery, or the environment. Every individual and collective team member can contribute to achieving this goal by taking daily responsibility for HSE.