Hallgruppen expands in Denmark after a record year in 2021

Vaccination tents and large constuction site shelters contributed to a record year in 2021 for Hallgruppen in Denmark. Hallgruppen is renowned for its fast and efficient installation of a wide variety of shelters, tents, fabric structures, office and production premises, and is now focusing on delivering strong growth in the Danish market.

Hallgruppen has grown from strength to strength internationally with a turnover of more than DKK 568 million involving projects in 45 countries. Now, they are focused on bringing their pioneering product range to the Danish market.

2021 was a record year for the successful Danish arm of the Norwegian-owned Hallgruppen, enjoying explosive growth for fabric buildings, construction shelters and other products in recent years. The Danish market has undergone change in recent years, says Kim Jansdorf, director of Hallgruppen in Denmark.

“The Danish market is bound by tradition, and fabric structures have not been recognised. People haven’t been looking for fast and effective solutions. But now we are seeing a change in the market, where more people are valuing the qualities of our products. We have a clear ambition to expand the business in Denmark,” says Kim Jansdorf. He continues:

“Hallgruppen offers unique products, fast delivery and a large stock that none of the competitors can match, and more and more people in the Danish market are discovering this. We are in an exciting phase, and our ambition is to grow strongly over the next few years.”

From vaccination tents to sports halls

Over the past year, Hallgruppen has delivered insulated vaccination tents to help control the Covid epidemic and installed the first of their sport structures in Denmark. The expansion into the Danish market, covering a wide range of projects, means that Hallgruppen is looking to increase their workforce.

“We have many new and exciting projects coming up in 2022, and we will need more skilled employees in most areas. The opportunity is there to help build something new in the Danish market,” says Kim Jansdorf.