Fabric covered buildings for the full range of applications

Hallgruppen offer fabric covered building for purchase or affordable and flexible rental. Choose from insulated or uninsulated models designed for demanding UK climates, adapted to withstand extreme heat, cold, snow,
and wind.

Robust weather protection

A fabric covered building from Hallgruppen provides quick and effective protection against the UK’s unpredictable and rapidly changing weather conditions. If you choose an insulated model, the temperature inside the structure remains comfortable all year round, and you can regulate the temperature as needed. Quick assembly and disassembly is another advantage of fabric covered buildings.

Insulated fabric buildings at great prices

Hallgruppen offers versatile fabric covered buildings in standard and customised sizes to meet your specific requirements. Our designs feature a spacious ceiling height, specified to be as tall as you need, creating a bright, efficient and healthy working environment. You can choose if you want an insulated building, whether it should be temporary or permanent, and whether you would like to rent or buy the structure – every option at an excellent price.

Our skilled team are here to help with every step of your project. Contact us today by phone or request a quote, and we will be happy to assist you!


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