Full speed towards an international success

Now we need 50 new employees

Hallgruppen has passed 50 million euros in turnover. “Last year we passed 50 million euros in turnover, and this year we will probably end up with a turnover of 70 million euros”, says Lars Dalgaard.
He is the general manager of Hallgruppen AS, which delivers tents and fabric buildings of all sizes and for every purpose. Since its establishment in 2015, there’s been only one way to go.

The company increased its turnover by over 15 million euros last year and was able to turn a profit of 4.1 million euros.

“Right now it’s in the international market where we are growing the most. As a Norwegian manufacturer, we have the advantage that we are used to delivering products that are designed to withstand bad weather and wind. It’s becoming an increasingly important requirement in the international market!”, says Dalgaard.


At the company’s base at Lindeberg, elements of all shapes and forms are stacked up.
“They are used for a lot of different things. We have a big focus on harbour warehouses and bulk stock for pellets. Last year, we delivered several structures that have served as test centres for Covid-19 in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, solar-powered storage tents for humanitarian aid in Africa and a fabric building of over 20,000 square metres as a harbour warehouse in the port of Gothenburg. And a helicopter hangar for the Air Ambulance in Kirkenes”, says Dalgaard.

The company now has projects in over 30 countries, including Brazil, China, India, USA, Belgium, Germany and Africa. Everything is controlled from the head office in Frogner.

“Nowadays we have people in Congo to set up new tents for aid organisations there. It’s amazing to think that everything is delivered here from Romerike,” Dalgaard thinks, and adds that they also have the solutions for more private needs.

“We deliver for wedding parties too”, he smiles.


The ever-growing number of assignments has led to Hallgruppen doubling the number of employees over the past couple of years and strengthening its construction, marketing and engineering departments for further growth. The pressure is now so great that the company is looking for even more new employees. The current number of employees is 75.

“We have ambitions for strong growth in the coming years. Then we need more skilled people for our construction, building and engineering departments. During this year and next year, we will hire up to 50 people. Around 20 of these will be positions here at the head office. Our unbureaucratic way of working means that we can grow quickly, seize new opportunities that arise, and create a creative and fun workplace”, says Dalgaard.