Oslo Harbour

Norwegian wood pellets replace coal in Rotterdam

In collaboration with the Port of Oslo, Hallgruppen built a warehouse where the plan was environmentally friendly export of wood pellets to a coal-fired power plant in the Netherlands. The goal of the project was to reduce climate emissions by replacing coal with pellets to reduce 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from Rotterdam.

In order for the wood pellets to retain their quality and provide maximum energy, it is important to store the pellets correctly. This is what a bulk storage building from Hallgruppen can provide. In addition to proper storage, a fabric building will show more consideration to the neighbours of the plot. According to the plan, 70,000 tonnes of wood pellets will be exported to Rotterdam in the Netherlands by environmentally friendly sea transport.

The bulk storage building is 40x63x10m with an interior space of 2500 m2. It has 8 metre high internal bulk walls that are dimensioned to store pellets at a height of 8 metres. The bulk storage building can also store other types of bulk material such as fertiliser, plaster, salt and sand. This is marked out in different colours on the bulk wall of the hall. At the front of the bulk storage building, there is a large opening for direct unloading onto a boat using telestackers. A telestacker is an electric and mobile load belt that reduces the need to drive wheel loaders. The warehouse is set up on an already developed quay area that has not had a negative impact on vegetation or cultural monuments, which was a requirement from the Planning and Building Agency.

It took about 6 weeks to set up the bulk storage building.