Spectacular tent at Russispranget

Hallgruppen built a spectacular public tent during the World Cup races in Kvitfjell on the edge of Russispranget. Our experience of building and construction projects made it possible.

“We have put up lots of structures in rough and steep terrains before, whether they’ve been used for storage, accommodation, construction or other activities. That’s why it was fun to find a solution for the most spectacular spectator spot on Kvitfjell”, says Head of development Thomas Eriksson at Hallgruppen.

Inspired by Kitzbühl

He led the work on the audience tent in collaboration with Ole Kristian Kirkerud, who is the leader of the organising committee for the World Cup races at Kvitfjell.

“We always want to improve the experience at Kvitfjell. Bringing life to more places on the slopes is important. The inspiration for the public tent at Russispranget was taken from Mauserfallet in Kitzbühl and other classic downhill arenas in Central Europe”, says Kirkerud.

Free visibility for everyone

During the World Cup races, spectators could follow the skiers’ jumps of up to 80 metres from the grandstand on the veranda outside or inside the seating area in the 15 by 15 metre large tent. The tent was set up on a scaffolding structure. It had large windows facing the ground and the porch was made so that the audience could follow the skiers, regardless of whether they were sitting inside or standing outside.

Demand is back

– Events are the only area we have that has suffered during the pandemic. Now demand is back. This applies to both individual concepts, such as this tent, and large tents for gatherings, built in the target area. The tent is probably one of the most unique things we have done with our events, at least when it comes to location. In addition to needing to be a good place to follow the downhill runs, it also needed to be safe. “The design was absolutely crucial”, says Eriksson.

Ambitious plans

“We initially envisioned an ordinary tent, but we loved that Hallgruppen came back with more ambitious plans for both the tent and the location. The spectators who bought tickets to the tent had a fantastic experience”, says Kirkerud.

Looking for new employees

Hallgruppen is growing and has a number of concepts adapted to, among other things, building and construction, preparedness, various assembly, storage and office needs and events.

“Today’s growth means that we are now looking for new employees for a number of positions, both those who can build tents on steep slopes and those who can lead this and other types of projects”, says Thomas Eriksson.

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  • 100 employees with long record of experience from the industry.
  • The company has exported to over 40 countries, and supplies structures to large regions of Europe, as well as several countries in the Middle East, Africa and North and South America.

Photo: Shirin Kvalheim